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Here at UDrive With Caroline we will always ensure that your lessons are well structured and we listen to your aims, goals and needs but after all that it’s imperative that your lessons and fun and enjoyable, learning to drive is a key life skill and can at times be a complicated topic which is why I’m promise to make sure that you’re lessons are always calm and you will have my upmost patience.

What To Bring To Your First Lesson
On your first lesson we’ll ask to see your provisional licence as we’ll need to do a DVLA licence check to ensure your licence has the correct provisional licence category and for any endorsements. To do this we’ll use the long number on your licence and the postcode as well, we’ll also need you to enter your national insurance number on the DVLA website to view your licence record.
If you wear contact lenses or glasses you would need to bring these too, we’ll ask you to read a licence plate from 20 metres, your examiner will ask you to do this at the start of your driving test. If you haven’t completed your payment online or by BACs before your lesson, we’ll also ask you to complete the payment before the lesson commences.

On Your First Lesson
After we’ve completed your licence check and that your able to read a licence plate at the required distance we’ll issue you with your reflective log book if you would like to use it. If you’re completely new to driving it’s then onto showing you how to operate the controls in the car.

We aim to ensure that our lessons are about driving and not sitting at the side of the road going only through the theory so it’s next onto learning to move off and stop the car under full control. Beyond what has been mentioned above we won’t attempt to say what would come next as this is about us listening to your aim, goals and needs, everyone is different and learns at different paces so it’s best to look forward to seeing how things develop on your lesson.

I look forward to hopefully working with you to achieve your driving success!

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