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A Little Bit About Me….

Hi All,

Im a mum of two very young 22 and 31yr olds!! And an instructor of many years now….

I aim to provide a happy learning environment with just the right mix of serious application and light relief!!

In this ever changing world particularly the one of now where safety is primary I feel its important to make this life skill journey a memorable one.

I taught manuals firstly but changed to automatic back in 2017 and think it is probably going to be a way forward in the future more and more, forget what they say about “lazy driving” its still driving and has the same outcome as manual… transportation and freedom!!

U Drive are a great company with ultimate support for their pupils and us too, therefore if you waiting to take that bold and go for it!


My Tuition Car

A Ford Focus Titanium, its like all fords easy to operate and very good all round visibility, obviously for manoeuvres etc this is important.
Also as it is a slightly larger car than a fiesta etc it does not suffer some of the problems of being under-powered than smaller cars with an automatic transmission.

Success Stories…